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Red Velvet

Is there really a better word than “velvety” to describe one of the most amazing treats that will ever hit your mouth? We didn’t think so. One bite of our red velvet cake ball and you’ll never look at cake the same way again.

We take beautiful, fluffy red velvet cake, put it into ball form and dip it in an icing that will leave you confused as to how you ever lived without it. PS- Word on the streets is that Alannah Miles is considering a new song called “Red Velvet,” named specifically after our Cakeballz.

Birthday Cake

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their birthday every day of the year? Well, now you can with these bite-sized birthday cake balls. Delicious birthday cake is surrounded by a succulent white icing and itty-bitty sprinkles. Over time, birthdays get old. This will get you excited about them again.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, we love these sweet Cakeballz, and we think you will too!


“I hate chocolate cake”… said no one ever. What do you call something that’s made of chocolate, dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled in chocolate? Flaky, milk chocolate madness. It’s a type of sweet madness that makes you question whether your taste buds are lying to you. But they’re taste BUDS, not taste enemies. Trust them.

Also, remember that movie Chocolat? The one where the lady changes lives with her chocolaty creations? Yep, that’s what we’re doing.